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Premium pizza with Iberico Pork on top of 2 layers of crispy thin crust

Topping Info
Main Toppings
Iberico Pork, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Romano Cream Cheese, Quattro Cheese Fondue (Milk), Bacon Chip, New sweetpotato mousse,Potato, Mayonnaise, Sundried Tomato, Coconut Honey Powder
Origin Info
Mozzarella : America / Iberico Pork(Pork) : Iberico Pork(Spain) + Pork(Domestic) / NEW Sweetpotato mousse : China
Nutrition Info
Name of Product Total
of once

Unit - W, TW, P. SF, Sac : g / Sod : mg / Cal : Kcal

Allergic Components

Please refer to the following information about 12 types of food that may cause an allergic reaction to Koreans. (Products within parentheses are ingredients of toppings that may cause an allergic reaction)

*Food that may trigger an allergic reaction
Eggs (poultry only), Milk, buckwheat, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peaches, tomatoes, sulfurous acid, walnuts, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish (including oysters, abalone and mussels), pine nuts
1. Pizza
Pizza Allergic Components

Dough : Superseed(Milk,Wheat,Soybean), Original,Napoli(Milk,Wheat,Soybean), Thin(Wheat),
Double Cheese Edge(String cheese : Milk,Soyben,Wheat)

2. Side Dish
Side Dish Allergic Components
3. Cereal&Sauce
Product Name Allergic Components
4. Extra Topping
Extra Topping Allergic Components
Cheeses Milk
Bacon Pork
Pepperoni Pork,Beef
Potato Soybean,Sulfur dioxide
Ham Pork,Beef,Soybean,Egg
Bulgogi Beef,Soybean,Wheat,Sulfurous acid
Roast potato Soybean
Pork Pork,Beef,Soybean,Wheat,Egg
Horseradish sauce Egg,Milk,Soybean
Bacon chip Pork
Sundried tomato Tomato
Mayonnaise Egg,Soybean
Garlic olive mix sauce Egg,Milk,Soybean
Cajun shrimp Cajun sauce(Soybean,Tomato,Chicken,Shellfish(Oyster)),Shrimp(Shrimp)
King Oyster Mushroom Soybean
Bistecca steak Beef,Wheat,Soybean,Tomato
Grilled beef Beef,Soybean,Wheat
Blacktigershrimp shrimp
Black angus beef Beef,Wheat,Chicken,Tomato,Soybean
Sweet potato mousse Egg,Milk,Soybean,Wheat
Sweet potato cube
New Sweet potato mousse Egg,Milk,Soybean,Wheat
Iberico Steak Pork,Soybean,Wheat
Whole Shrimp Shrimp
Octopus Milk,Soybean, Wheat,Shrimp,Beef,Shellfish
Beef steak Soybean, Wheat, Tomato, Beef
BBQ pork Soybean, Wheat, Tomato, Pork, Beef
New York Strip Steak New York Strip Steak(Soybean, Wheat, Tomato, Beef)
Tomato confit Tomato
Horseradish Squid Squid, Egg, Milk, Soybean
Sweet Chilli Crab Crab, Soybean, Wheet, Shirimp, Tomato, Chicken, Squid, Shellfish(Oyster))
Oriental Whole Shrimp Shrimp, Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Tomato, Chicken, Beef, Shellfish(Oyster)