About Domino's Pizza

Without presence of delivery pizza concept, Domino's Pizza, Korea launched 1st store in 1990 and has become No.1 in Pizza delivery industry by providing innovative products with differentiated customer service.
Domino's Pizza, Korea has worked hard to provide best pizza made of healthy ingredients with best service to our customers.

In order to keep our promises, Domino's Pizza Korea will try our best to become World No.1 Pizza company with creative mind and passion.

V I S I O N Be the #1 Pizza Company In the world
and in every neighborhood

Company with people who have Team spirit
“We have to achieve our goal.” and responsibilities.


    Strict evaluation and management system to
    maintain hygienic store and ingredients,
    in order to provide best products to customers
    in all time.


    Maintain No.1 position of Pizza delivery industry.
    Also by holding and participating in various social
    events and contributions, Domino's Pizza could
    build up premium brand image that customers
    would choose Domino's Pizza as best company.


    Always provide best pizza within shortest time
    with safety and kindness
    to our customers.


    Safety is top priority! Domino's Pizza provide safe
    work environment to our staff by emphasizing and
    notify importance of safety. Also Domino's Pizza
    provide strict and detail manual for all operation
    process to manage quality control and safety for our

  • 2015.12
    Awarded the first prize as customers’ most recommended pizza restaurant chain
    for the 3rd consecutive year
  • 2015.10
    Awarded the first prize in pizza restaurant chain by KCSI
    (Korean Customer Satisfaction Index)
  • 2015.10
    Completed Cheonan second factory
  • 2014.11
    2014 Republic of Korea Social media target /
    Future Creation Science Award Opened its 400th pizza franchise in Suji-Sinbong
  • 2014.04
    The most relatable company in 2014 / Selected No.1 pizza for public sector, service and manufacturi
  • 2013.12
    2013 Customers are the most recommended company (KNSP) in 2013 /
    pizza 1st Division
  • 2013.11
    Renewal applications / Domino Race open
    Republic of Korea Social media target / Future Creation Science Award
  • 2013.05
    Consumers are satisfied with the quality award selection
  • 2013.01
    The industry’s first open-order service on Facebook
  • 2012.12
    Republic of Korea social media destination / corporate sector target
  • 2012.11
    The industry’s first open Pinterest company page
  • 2012.07
    Target consumers are satisfied with the quality pizza selection
  • 2012.06
    Sand dough (Sand cheesecake) pizza release
  • 2012.02
    The open mobile web ordering service
  • 2011.06
    ‘Selected as No.1 Pizza Brand for satisfaction by women
  • 2011.03
    Supported Kangnam severance children’s hospital for Children’s
    medical treatment
  • 2011.01
    Supported Samsung Hospital for children's cancer patients
    First to launched corporate facebook Fan Page from dinning industry
    Opened the first Domino’s Pizza Korea’s overseas franchise (Makati, Philippines)
  • 2010.09
    First pizza brand to launched android application
  • 2010.05
    First pizza brand to launched iphone application Launched official twitter
  • 2010.03
    Celebration 20th anniversary, expanded social contribution / supported 20 children’s
    for surgery, supported 20 contestants to achieve their dream
  • 2010.01
    Started ‘Go! Domino’s party car” with children’s foundation
  • 2009.07
    First Pizza brand to launch English Website
  • 2009.02
    Rewarded with ‘ISO 22000’
  • 2008.11
    The industry’s first be selected to demonstration provider of eco-friendly electric motorcycle
  • 2008.10
    Launched Domino’s Partycar
    Opened its 30th pizza franchise in Dongtahn
  • 2008.08
    Opened business blog
  • 2008.07
    For the first time in the industry, marked ingredients and nutrition values on pizza boxes
  • 2008.03
    First Pizza brand to expanded Thin Crust for all product range
  • 2007.06
    Launched Thin Crust (Thi Tare)
    Moved the corporation headquarters to Yeoksam-dong
  • 2006.02
    Launched “Hope sharing set”, SNU Children’s Hospital patients support
  • 2005.04
    Held 1st Domino’s Pizza flag ‘Little baseball tournament’
  • 2004.12
    Opened franchise in resort (Phoenix Park)
  • 2004
    Initiated Quality ‘Pizza Marker’ Certification
  • 2003.09
    First pizza brand to opened online ordering system in website
  • 2003.07
    Launched Double Crust Pizza
  • 2003.01
    Opened its 200th pizza franchise in lmun-dong
  • 2002.06
    Opened One-Number Service (1588-3082)
  • 2000.09
    Completed a factory in Cheonan
  • 1999.11
    Launched potato Pizza
  • 1999.06
    Opened its 100th pizza franchise in Gimpo
  • 1999.01
    First TVC ‘all-star pizza’
  • 1999
    Initiated affiliate service with SKT (TTL)
  • 1998
    Adopted ‘Heat Wave’System
  • 1996.10
    Opened its 50th pizza franchise in Busan
  • 1993.03
    Started to provide Product Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 1990.10
    Opened the first Domino’s pizza franchise in Ogeum
  • 1990.06
    Adopt Technology from Domino’s Pizza INT’s
  • 1989.09
    Established KOAM Trading
  • 2017.11
    Awarded the Grand Prize of Korean Internet Communication & Korean Social Communication
    Satisfaction for the 8th consecutive year, the 5th consecutive years in overall
  • 2017.04
    Awarded the Grand Prize for Mobile Award Korea 2017 - pizza restaurant chain division -
  • 2017.02
    Launched Naver chatbot ordering service “TokTok”
  • 2016.12
    Awarded the first prize as customers’ most recommended pizza restaurant chain for 4th consecutive year
  • 2016.03
    Nominated as Top 100 Franchises in South Korea for the 5th consecutive year
  • 2018.12
    Awarded the first prize as customers’ most recommended brand for the 6th consecutive year
  • 2018.07
    Awarded the first prize in Premium Brand index “KS-PBI” - pizza restaurant chain division -
  • 2018.04
    Launched GPS Tracker system with SK BROADBAND